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Evolution Workplace Solutions are an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider with Workcover WA and Comcare. We are an independent, expert provider, whose role is to facilitate the injured individual’s safe and sustainable return to work.

To achieve a return to work, we work closely with the injured individual, their employer, insurer, doctor and other treatment providers. All our services are delivered in line with the relevant regulatory service standards.

Having a work-related injury, or supporting an employee with an injury, can be a challenging experience. As experts in workplace rehabilitation, a critical role of the Evolution team is to provide all parties with advice and education regarding return to work and best practice injury management.


Upon referral to Evolution, one of our team will complete a comprehensive initial assessment. The purpose of assessment is to establish a suitable return to work goal and rehabilitation plan. We believe our collaborative and thorough approach to assessment leads to the best possible outcome.

Following the completion of assessment, Evolution deliver targeted and tailored services to facilitate a return to work. Our team are responsive to the changing needs of the people we work with, and proactive in managing challenging situations. We provide the support and expertise to see our services through to a successful outcome.

In those cases where an individual is unable to return to their pre-injury employer, we provide market-leading redeployment services. Evolution has a strong track record of successfully placing individuals into new employment. Our experienced, engaging and innovative approach helps individuals successfully navigate the pathway to new employment. 


When to refer for workplace rehabilitation:

  • Psychological injury or illness

  • Doctors or treatment providers have identified factors impacting on recovery

  • Conflicting medical information regarding injury diagnosis, prognosis and treatment

  • Non-medical factors are impacting on the recovery and return to work

  • The Individual has attempted to return to work unsuccessfully

  • The Individual has had previous injuries or claims

  • Psychological injury or illness

  • Doctors or treatment providers have identified factors impacting on recovery

  • Conflicting medical information regarding injury diagnosis, prognosis and treatment

  • Non-medical factors are impacting on the recovery and return to work

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workplace rehabilitation
Injury Management

Evolution Workplace Solutions provide a range of early intervention injury management services directly to employers. Whether the employee’s absence is due to an injury or illness, work related or not, we believe that a proactive and positive approach to injury management is in the best interest of the employer and the employee.


Research shows that best outcomes are achieved when businesses demonstrate engagement, leadership and commitment to injury management, and have sound return to work systems and procedures in place¹.

Early engagement with the employee and the workplace enables Evolution to identify their needs and establish an appropriate return to work goal and plan as soon as possible. Critical to the success of this process is the experience and knowledge of our team.


Evolution ensure the employee has access to timely, evidence based treatment, and communicate directly with the doctor and other treatment providers regarding the treatment needs. We also have access to a variety of treatment providers through our network of industry partners.

Evolution’s injury management services are suitable for small to medium employers who do not have dedicated injury management resources within their business, as well as large employers who require expert advice.

  1. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Position Statement on Realising the Health Benefits Work, Sydney 2011

Evolution’s injury management services include:


Should significant barriers to return to work be identified at the time of an assessment, Evolution's ongoing case management services will proactively facilitate the employee’s safe and sustainable return to work. Ongoing case management services are often provided to employees with non-work related injuries or illnesses, and include setting realistic goals, communication with treatment providers and upgrading return to work programs.


Objective: Develop a suitable return to work program for the individual following physical injury or illness. 


Service includes:

  • Workplace meeting with the employer and employee;

  • Identification of suitable duties;

  • Communication with treatment providers; and 

  • Expert advice and guidance for the employer future management.


Objective: Support individuals experiencing mental health issues or psychological illness to stay at or return to work.


Service includes:

  • Workplace meeting with the employee and employer;

  • Recommendations to support the individuals staying at or returning to work;

  • Communication with treatment providers, and facilitation of evidence based treatment; and 

  • Expert advice and guidance for the employer future management and support.


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Injury Prevention

Evolution Workplace Solutions understand the real costs to business of injury, illness and absence. The cost of absenteeism in Australia has been estimated at $7 billion annually, while the annual cost of presenteeism (not fully functioning at work because of a medical condition) has been estimated at almost $26 billion¹. Containing the costs of injury and illness presents a sizeable challenge not only for employers, but also for the Australian economy.

Fortunately, recent research suggests that injury prevention, health and wellness programs provide a strong return on investment for businesses. In 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that for every dollar invested in health and wellness programs targeted at creating mentally healthy workplaces, a return of $2.30 was realised by the organisation².


Evolution provide a range of bespoke and effective injury prevention services to employers, which can result in lower rates of injury and compensation claims; lower claims costs and premium impact; and improvements in productivity and performance.


Evolution enjoy building long term partnerships with employers, and provide our services and expertise as trusted advisors. Through our unique understanding of an employer’s business, we can tailor injury prevention solutions to the specific needs of the organisation.


  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Workplace wellness in Australia Aligning action with aims: Optimising the benefits of workplace wellness, Sydney, 2010

  2. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Creating a mentally healthy workplace: Return on investment analysis, Sydney, 2014

Examples of injury prevention services delivered by Evolution include:

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  • Ergonomic assessments

  • Manual tasks training

  • Ergonomics training

  • Mental health in the workplace training

  • Job dictionaries

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